How It All


For 24 years Tim has grown specialty Asian greens in Southern California. He supplies many Asian grocery stores and restaurants with authentic, hard-to-find vegetables, but he has long dreamed of sharing his healthy, flavorful produce with people outside the traditional Asian market.

When his cousin Wendy, a native of Canton, moved to California, they decided to team up to start Bok Choy on Wheels, a mobile kitchen focused on sharing traditionally prepared Cantonese cooking with a public hungry for healthy and flavorful fast food.

Fresh From Farm To Table

At Bok Choy On Wheels we don’t mask our food in heavy oils and sauces. All our greens are harvested within 24 hours of serving and we prepare each meal on demand using the traditional Cantonese approach of braising vegetables and quick-boiling meat. Our cooking methods bring out the best in our food, from the nutty crunch of bok choy to the satisfying bitterness of chrysanthemum stems.

Braised greens are a staple on the Cantonese dinner table, and the food served from Bok Choy on Wheels is the same food Tim’s mother and grandmother prepared for him when he was a child.